Extreme Parallelized Performance

Superscalar Pipelining for the EVM

Monad is a decentralized, developer-forward Layer 1 smart contract platform that ushers in a new paradigm of possibility through pipelined execution of Ethereum transactions.

Crafted for productivity, fundamentally optimized.



transactions per second


second block time


single-slot finality



Decentralization Meets Scale

Monad supports 10,000 transactions per second, significantly increasing throughput capabilities and opening doors for distributed applications--even those with greater complexity and higher usage--to run in a decentralized manner.

Superscalar Architecture

Existing blockchains are extremely slow by modern computing standards. Monad is built with performance in mind, bridging the gap between decentralized and traditional platforms through superscalar, pipelined execution and optimized architecture.

Portability &
Core Composability

Monad preserves full compatibility with EVM bytecode and the Ethereum RPC API--which means seamless portability for EVM developers who account for 98% of on-chain TVL across all ecosystems.  Supporting all of this in a single shard allows for powerful, composable applications built on top of a global store of truth.