Built for Developers

A Blockchain crafted for productivity
Monad brings asynchronous,
parallel execution to EVM transactions.
why we're different

Portability + Efficiency

Monad gives developers the best of both worlds. Our new blockchain is built to process 10,000 tps with 1s block times and instantaneous finality... all while preserving full EVM compatibility for apps and infrastructure.

We're building the foundation for a world of mass crypto adoption with a mission to support devs building dApps that will change the world.
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Impactful Problem Solving

We're using low-latency programming, compiler optimization, and multithreaded computing to build the future of high performance blockchain, and unlocking new avenues for both developers and blockchain users alike.  

We have ambitious goals. And to achieve them, we need a world-class team. Interested in taking part?
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